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DIZ d.o.o., company situated in Osijek, has the's license in Croatia.

Our company, with its experience and thoughtful organization, has managed to achieve successful cooperation with numerous travel agencies and hotels in Croatia, over the past few years.

AutoRent offers to its clients:


The easiest way of finding Your destination in Croatia. Whereever You planned going, with this user-friendly GPS device, You will find the quickest and the easiest way.


Company DIZ d.o.o. offers new service on the market - BUSINESS CAR LEASE The best solution for Your car fleet needs, the ones required for whole-year business as well as one for extraordinary situations ( high season needs, unpredictable occasions ... ).

This offer includes a kind of flexible leasing , in time period from one month to couple of years solutions.

Important thing to emphasize is that paperwork is cut down to minimum - You don't need special participation or warranter for taking this offer. Maximum flexibility of BUSINESS CAR LEASE offer to Your specific needs is surely a reason to take such business move.

Car hire with driver

Book newest and different models of cars with driver and leave the worries about traveling in Croatia to us.

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